Sunday, May 15, 2016

Interview with Pulitzer Prize Playwright David Mamet: On being a liberal and becoming a conservative

5/15/16. Mr. Mamet started to read Fredrick Hayek, Thomas Sowell, Shelby Steele, and learned.

Putting Grit in Its Place

5/15/16. NYT op-ed writer David Brooks on Professor Angela Duckworth's new book:  "Grit."

Neuro Expert Testifies for Tsarnaev

5/15/16. Dr. Sally Satel and Professor Scott O. Lilienfeld write about the adolescent brain, the law, and the Boston bombing. What we don't know and what we think we know that ain't true --- can hurt us.

part I

See Drs. Satel and Lilienfeld book:  "Brainwashed:  The Seductive Use of Neuroscience."

Why Do Millennials Embrace Socialism?

Why Are Our Business Leaders So Dour?

Historical Opinions on Hiroshima, President Obama, and the Atomic Bomb

Was Christopher Hitchen's Shaky in his Atheism?

Aphorism: The Long History of a Short Form

5/15/16.    "... La Rochefoucauld worked on his collection for years, revising it until each aphorism perfectly balanced deliberateness with casualness, self-evidence with counterintuitiveness, and impact with concision. The mark of a great mind, he wrote, was to “say many things with few words” (adding, “little minds use many words to say nothing”). With the Maxims the aphorism begins its move from philosophy to literature, where the beauty of expression is the only consolation for the ugliness of what is expressed..."

Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook Confronts the Death of Her Husband

5/15/16.  Ms. Sandberg gives the commencement speech at UC Berkley.

Transgenderism: A Pathogenic Meme

5/15/16. Psychiatrist Paul McHugh reports that transgender people suffer from gender dysphoria.

Dr. McHugh was chair of the Department of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins Medical School starting in the 1970's when he witnessed follow-up studies on transgender patients who had sex change surgery.